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Dec 2019: Still here!

Time for another infrequent update!  The biggest news is, of course, the announcement of my next convention [listed under "Come See Me"]. I'd been meaning to announce it ages ago, but I've been settling into a new job and workflow since August or so!

In quite a surprise, my etsy store has gotten some traffic after being quiet for so long. There's a large chance I'll be moving my online store to another service, but it probably won't happen until after the new year along with a large social media overhaul. Every once in a while it feels great to to get a fresh start! Stay tuned as always!

June 2019: A Regular Update!

Hi there! Here's a not-so-infrequent update!  I've added a couple new item photos to my galleries as I finally got to doing some much-needed photography. The problem is, I make a lot of awesome things for conventions, and they find homes so fast that I never get to take photos of them! That said, there's always a fun collection on my twitter for catching them.  I will also be opening commissions quite soon! Right now it's limited to older plush requests that I've quoted in the past, but I'll be opening for new projects eventually. Look for the announcement!

Come See Me!

FuzziMutt Creations will be set up in the Dealer's Den at Midwest Furfest; December 6 - 8, 2019 in the Rosemont district of Chicago, Il! Classic items make their return, of course; but hopefully I'll have my new items ready as well! As always, follow along on twitter for con updates and hope to see you there!

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